Together we create a chain of empowerment.


At MYoMY we believe in the power of connection. We are convinced that we are all change makers and by combining forces and making ethical and sustainable choices we can create a fairer world. As a social enterprise MYoMY works together with fairtrade production partners to create sustainable designed bags. Timeless and eye-catching collections made to empower entrepreneurs and artisans in order to dream, take action, learn and grow.

Fair trade partnerships

MYoMY collaborates with entrepreneurs and fair trade production partners that want to be change makers in their own environment. We value long term relationships and believe that together we can create a fairer world. With the sales of MYoMY products we facilitate fair trade jobs that ensure artisans of a fair income, acceptable working times, safe working conditions and access to training and personal development.

While economic freedom can change a lot we also believe that we can do more than that on an emotional level. To enable real change we search for real connections in our collaborations. With people that want to inspire others in order to dream, take action, learn and grow.

Behind the doors of our production partner Leatherina. Our story told by MYoMY’s founder and CEO Marja Baas and our dear partner Taslima Miji, founder of Leatherina. View full video.

Ethical Aesthetics

MYoMY bags are recognizable by their elegant simplicity and enduring quality. MYoMY collaborates with different in-house and out-house designers. All turning stories into eye-catching designs. One well known design story is the one of the iconic MY PAPER BAG designed by Ramon Middelkoop. He got inspired by an old paper bag strolling in de subways and created a more durable and sustainable paperbag. Designed to love and to last.

Sustainable design

Together with our production partners we carefully select the materials used for MYoMY collections. Durable quality is thereby one of MYoMY’s most important product requirements.We use high quality leather that is LWG certified and for our lining we use 100% recycled canvas from plastic waste bottles made in collaboration with Waste2Wear®. MYoMY is always searching for new innovations to make a circulair future a reality.

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“It’s not simply a bag.
It’s a movement.”

- Taslima Miji (Production partner and founder Leatherina)