Designed to empower.


At MYoMY we believe in the power of connection, in you and me, in us as humanity. We are convinced that we are all changemakers and by joining forces and making ethical and sustainable choices we can create a fairer and more equal world. As a social enterprise, MYoMY works together with fair trade production partners to make fair jobs possible. Together we make sustainably designed bags. With this it is our mission to make bags that create chain empowerment; from maker to wearer.

Empowered connections

MYoMY has been a social enterprise from the start, which means that MYoMY is part of the social economy whose main goal is to have a social impact. And this is needed, especially in the fashion industry where MYoMY wants to make a difference. Unfortunately it is commonly known that the current fashion system is a major cause of many problems, pollution and suffering in our world. With a lack of transparency and impersonal collaborations it seems that the well-being of the makers of our products is neglected. Often with poor work conditions, little perspective and inequality as a result.

MYoMY was created with the idea that this can be done differently by working together in a personal way in which everyone benefits. MYoMY works together with people, entrepreneurs and production partners that want to be changemakers in their own right. We value long-term relationships over “quick wins” and one time projects. Only then can we pursue our mission and make a real impact. With the sales of MYoMY products we facilitate fair trade jobs that ensure artisans of a fair income, reasonable working times, safe working conditions and access to training and personal development.

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Ethical Aesthetics

MYoMY is a certified B Corporation since 2021, with a score of 102.6 points. In the assessment, done by B Lab, a company must score at least 80 points on a scale from 0 to 200 to become a certified B Corp.

What is a B Corp?
Like Social Enterprises, Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Every day we work on increasing our score on the B Corp report that has to be renewed every three years. Find out more about our scores per element on our B Corp profile.

Behind the doors of our production partner Leatherina. Our story told by MYoMY’s founder and CEO Marja Baas and our dear partner Taslima Miji, founder of Leatherina. View full video.

Powerful design

MYoMY bags are recognizable by their elegant simplicity, powerful design and enduring quality: both the quality as designs are made to be timeless. MYoMY collaborates with different in-house and out-house designers. All turning concepts and stories into eye-catching designs. Our most well-known design story is the one of the iconic MY PAPER BAG, recognizable by its zig-zag edge, designed by Ramon Middelkoop. He got inspired by an old paper bag strolling in the subways, folded and wrinkled by time- but ever so interesting in appearance. He created a more durable leather version, designed to love and to last.
Our latest introduced design, the MY LIMA BAG, was designed by our in-house designer Domino Vugts, who found her inspiration in a power woman close to home: production partner Taslima Miji. Taslima’s strength was translated into the strong lines and form of this series, and named after her.

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Caring for the world

When choosing materials, MYoMY always looks for the most sustainable and preferably circular quality out there. At this moment, MYoMY uses LWG certified eco-leather as the main material of our products. Leather has unique elements that make it a life lasting product- giving you an outstanding durable product that doesn’t contribute to fast fashion.

Our specifications
– The leather that MYoMY uses is certified by the Leather Working Group.
– Our lining is made from recycled plastic bottles in collaboration with Waste2Wear®.
– The haberdashery used in our designs are REACH certified.

Next to our eco-leather, we are experimenting with vegan alternatives and new innovations in which quality is an important element. There are many new vegan alternatives on the market, a lot which do not yet meet the same quality of leather or often mostly consist of virgin plastics. MYoMY is looking for more environment friendly alternatives. Like our RPET collection that is, like our lining, made of recycled plastic waste bottles, in collaboration with Waste2Wear. Our latest innovation is our AppleSkin™ collection with bags made of apple waste from the apple juice industry that give you a leather-like-look and a durable quality.

Learn more on our sustainability page

“It’s not simply a bag.
It’s a movement.”

- Taslima Miji (Production partner and founder Leatherina)