Discover the miniature versions of your favourite MYoMY bags: a nice pendant for your key ring and functional addition to safely store your keys! This way you can quickly find your keyring in your bag and save your phone screen from key scratches.

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Keychains from MYoMY

Our keychains are mini copies of our bag series. We have miniatures from the MY PAPER BAG series and also from the MY ROSE BAG series. Very handy if you are regularly looking for your keys. You will no longer lose your keys and if you attach your key to the pendant, you can put your keys in the mini bag.

Fairtrade production

Our production is Fairtrade and produced in countries where this is not self-evident. This means for our production employees in Bangladesh and India: a fair income, acceptable working hours, safe working conditions and access to training and personal development. This means that you not only have a unique design in your hand with your bag but that you also contribute to a clean and fair world.