A little love to last a lifetime


To help our sustainable mission, we want to help you to take good care of your purchase. By making high-quality products and making sure the leather gets the right treatment, together we make your bag as durable as possible.

Protection spray

To avoid your bag from receiving any damage, we recommend you protect the leather with the Collonil Protect & Care Spray against dirt and moist. The spray is a natural product which will make sure the leather remains soft and breathable and keeps it in the optimal condition.

1. Make sure the leather is clean by wiping of possible dust with a damp cloth.
2. Use the Collonil Protect & Care Spray. Hold it about 20 cm from the leather. Spray an even coat around the entire bag.
3. Let your bag dry. Now your bag is protected against dirt and moist and is ready for use! Make sure you spray your bag once every 6 months.

Maintenance cream

Leather is a natural product, so after a period of use your bag might have gotten some stretch marks, colour desaturation or a less soft touch. To breath new life into the leather we recommend using the Collonil Organic Cream. After use this natural product made from macadamia oil will have increased both the visual appearance as the touch of your bag.

1. Make sure the leather is clean by wiping of possible dust with a damp cloth.
2. Put a little drop of cream on a dry, clean cloth. Test it on a less visible service, like the bottom of your bag, to make sure your not using too much product for the state the leather is in.
3. Clean the bag with the cloth with cream in soft circular motions.
4. After application, let your bag dry to see the final result. Check for bigger marks or scratches that might need a little bit more product.

Durable leather

Our bags are made from Leather Working Group certified leather, which means the leather is tanned in a sustainable way: with less chrome and as few chemicals as possible to keep water purification high. What makes leather so unique in comparison to other materials, and why we still choose it over others, is that so far no other material has such a long lifetime as leather, which makes it the most durable material out there.


Hunter leather

Our classic hunter leather has a very natural look and feel. The leather shows its natural characteristics, like colour irregularity and stretch marks, but has an incredible soft touch combined with much strength. Its sturdy nature makes the leather stay in shape and staying up right.

Overtime this leather becomes even more unique. To keep the colour changes and creation of more lines in balance, we recommend using the Collonil Organic Cream.

Rambler print Leather

This smooth leather gets its beautiful characteristics from the process it goes through. You can recognize Rambler by its smooth touch and light shine, its flexibility and the small pattern that is brought into the leather.

Rambler leather ages with an increase of flexibility and with the colour becoming lighter. The leather can be kept in its optimal condition by using the Collonil Organic Cream.

Recycled PET canvas

This material is made from recycled plastic waste bottles in collaboration with Waste2Wear. For every meter of fabric 22 bottles are taken away from nature and can no longer harm the environment. In comparison to the use of polyester, with this material we need 70% less energy, 75% less C02 and 86% less water.

The result is a strong woven material with a nice feel. This material doesn’t need a lot of care. Simply clean it with a cloth and a bit of water if there is any dust or stains on the bag.


Missing something?

Whether it is about a broken shoulder strap or a missing wooden board for in the bottom of your paper bag: we like to help! Get in touch by e-mail or phone.


Bring Back Bag

Over the years you build a dear bond with your bag. But it may be that after prolonged use the leather has become too outdated and has a few stains that can no longer be removed. The moment has come when you want to say goodbye to your bag. For this sitation MYoMY has created the “Bring Back Bag program”. We are happy to buy back your old MYoMY bag so that we can reuse the material in one of our upcoming innovations. In return, you will receive a -20% discount from us, to buy a beautiful new MYoMY bag – a win, win, win: for you, for us and for our planet.