Leather care

Leather bags need care. If you want to keep the bag beautiful for as long as possible and make the leather less vulnerable, we recommend Collonil’s organic products. With these products, you can easily remove stains, retrieve damaged leather and make leather last longer.

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Care products for leather bags

Your beautiful MYoMY bag needs care. To keep a leather bag beautiful for as long as possible, we recommend using Collonil’s organic products. These products ensure that the bag is less vulnerable, stains can be easily removed, it can pick up damaged leather and these products also make the bag last much longer.


Collonil was launched in Germany in 1909. All products are also produced in Germany. This brand has been around for 112 years and is for sale in more than 80 countries. The brand delivers top quality so that your bag will last a long time.

Order your care products online

You can order your new care products safely online. At MYoMY, shipping on orders in the Netherlands above €50 is completely free. With payment method Klarna it is also possible to pay afterwards.