To promote equal opportunities for girls and boys, MYoMY is Girls First Business Supporter of Plan International.


This is not just a diaper bag, with this bag for you and your child, you support a child in one of Plan International’s program countries. We believe that equal opportunities can make a difference. Unfortunately this is not the case everywhere, especially for girls and young women. That is why we are Girls First Business Supporter of Plan International. Together we can make a difference. With every purchase of a MY PAPER BAG Baby, a unisex diaper bag, MYoMY donates 8 euros to Plan International. A bag for a newborn child here means new opportunities for a child elsewhere.

“This diaper bag for your newborn child gives new opportunities to a child in a country where the circumstances are more difficult.”


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MY KEYCHAIN The future = equal

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To further promote equal opportunities for girls and boys, we have designed a unique key ring together with Plan International. This key ring reminds you every day that you too are the key to change! The key rings are made from residual leather and produced by our Fair Trade production partner Leatherina in Bangladesh. Founder Taslima Miji is also an inspiring changemaker himself. She works every day for a fairer fashion industry with equal rights and opportunities. Read her whole story here. With the purchase of each key ring, MYoMY donates 2.50 to PLAN International.

About Plan International

Plan International works towards a world in which girls and boys can fully develop and have the same rights and opportunities. This is especially necessary for girls, because worldwide girls are disadvantaged and discriminated against every day. Plan International runs projects in more than 50 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America, helping and empowering girls to learn, develop and make their own decisions. Together with the support of thousands of sponsors, we are working on a better life for girls and boys in our program countries. Learn more on