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MYoMY stands for starting with yourself, your choices and the power to make a difference. Our first mission is to empower as many people as possible by creating fair trade jobs and working hours. We do this with the production of timeless bags and accessories, with as little impact on the environment as possible. When choosing materials and production methods, MYoMY always looks for the most sustainable and preferably circular option available. We do this by collaborating with innovators in the industry and by researching the latest developments. Read more about our sustainable working method below.


The leather we use for our products are always a waste product from the meat industry. For bags we find that leather is currently the most durable, long lasting material in use and can also be sustainable in production if it is processed in a safe and conscious manner. MYoMY’s eco-leather is LWG certified by the Leather Working Group and tanned with low chromium. The choice for a bit of chromium instead of completely none is deliberate and important decision because of the water reduce it allows. The chrome we do use we restore and reuse multiple times. The tanneries we collaborate with also purify their waste flows in several stages of the tanning process, such as the water – making sure no pollution is left behind. Next to that, energy is being saved by applying a natural drying process: using sunlight as much as possible to let the leather dry.

From waste to bag: RPET
The lining of our bags is made from recycled plastic waste bottles in collaboration with Waste2Wear, an innovator in circular materials. Besides our lining we also have a special RPET collection as a vegan alternative to our leather collection. We want to avoid plastics as much as possible within our production, and have therefore chosen to use this material as it helps to clean up plastic before it becomes waste. By using these waste streams we can give waste a new purpose. RPET is a very high quality material that lasts a long time and is easy in maintenance. Every bag from our RPET collection uses between 1 and 45 plastic waste bottles per bag. Until now our bags have saved almost a quarter of a million plastic bottles from ending up in landfills.

On our way towards circularity

In addition to eco-leather and recycled PET, MYoMY constantly conducts research into other innovations. Last year we presented years of research into different materials in an exhibition. Here, various MY PAPER BAG designs could be seen, felt and smelled in materials made from, among other things, fungi, pineapple leaves and recycled car parts. From this research, 1 material emerged with which MYoMY introduced her first vegan MY PAPER BAG: AppleSkin™.

AppleSkin, or otherwise “apple leather” is a sustainable and vegan alternative for leather. Made of apple waste of the apple(juice) industry in Bolzano, Italy. A quality material with a natural leather look.The apple residues are processed into powder that is then processed into new fibres. In combination with recycled and synthetic additives, this creates a sturdy and luxurious material. By using this existing waste, waste flows are reduced and fewer new raw materials are needed, which reduces energy consumption, among other things.
For the production of this collection we chose to look for a new, Fair Trade, production partner closer to home in Europe. This due to the fact that the AppleSkin material if completely produced in Italy and we want to make this process as sustainable as possible. This also means reducing transport and reducing emissions. That’s when we met DECE in Romania, with whom we are now working on a long-term collaboration and started a training program.

Production partners

Leatherina, Dhaka – Bangladesh
We have been working with Leatherina since 2017: an inspiring production partner that has been growing with us and our mission. Founder Taslima Miji sees it, like us, as her mission to make a positive impact to the world. She started her company after the collapse of Rana Plaza, a textile factory located in Bangladesh. More than 1134 people did not survive the disaster and many more were injured. This inspired Taslima to change the fashion industry: with the help of MYoMY and RVO she started Leatherina, where she produces bags in a ethical and sustainable way. Because of her dedication Leatherina has been Fair Trade guaranteed by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) since Febrauary 2021.

Stichwell, Kolkata – India
With Leatherina being our main distributor, we also work together with Stichwell: a SA8000 certified factory, based in Kolkata, India. It’s a family business that has been in the family since 1992, with approximately 780 people working under good circumstances guaranteed by the SA8000 certification. The factory must meet certain requirements to keep their certification, like working towards a living wage and reasonable working hours.

DECE, Siria – Romania
DECE (2009) is a WFTO certified producer of different handmade accessories like hats, scarves, gloves and bags. “Dece” means “Why?” in Romanian. DECE wants to give the answer to poverty in their country. As part of “NetWorks Romania” they want to help people escape from cycles of generational poverty, developing skills and stimulate individual potential, restoring dignity and empowering people to provide for their families.

Timeless design

Next to two seasonal collections MYoMY has a permanent ‘Essentials’ collection. This collection is available all year round, fitting with every season and every style. Because the designs of these items aren’t trend-sensitive, but instead timeless, they support a slow-fashion mindset and a sustainable wardrobe. Not only the style but also the quality is durable, making sure you can wear your bag for years to come: designed to love and to last.


From maker to wearer

The impact of our activities can be found on both ends of the supply chain – not only where our bags are made. Everyone who wears, sells and buys our products is as important as the people who make them. Together we form a chain of empowerment, while inspiring each other to embrace a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. We believe to do so we must spread the word, sharing our stories to learn from each other.  At MYoMY we are always looking at ways to improve our products, materials and production methods, by sharing what we know and why we do things. In this way we hope to be part of a larger movement, so together we can create a chain of empowerment.

Picture by Het Zero Waste Project

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View our Transparency Report 2021 here and learn even more about MYoMY. Dive into our vision, fair trade production, sustainable materials and our goals for the future. Questions? We would love to hear from you!