YOU GOT THIS! 15 years of empowerment


15 years of empowerment

                                                             This year MYoMY exists 15 years and we celebrate that with the campaign: YOU GOT THIS! The accompanying video campaign, produced by MUMSTER MOVEMENT, was launched last Thursday during our anniversary event in the A’DAM Toren in Amsterdam. With the YOU GOT THIS! campaign we want to reflect on how far we have come, the impact we have made, the stuff we already have and all the people who have contributed to our chain of empowerment.

With the YOU GOT THIS! campaign we celebrate 15 years of empowerment, because over the past 15 years we have created and used 250,000 beautiful MYoMY bags from maker to wearer. And they aren’t simply bags. These bags, and therefore your MYoMY bag, have provided an enormous amount of Fairtrade working hours, empowerment and meaning for the makers and our production partners in Bangladesh, Romania and India. This impact became even more apparent during the panel talk at our anniversary event. Via a live connection we talked to Taslima Miji (founder of Leatherina in Bangladesh) and Lee Saville (founder of DECE in Romania). For example, Lee said: “Creating jobs here in Romania is invaluable. Work here is so much more than just work, it’s someone’s dignity.’ Together we will continue with our mission to achieve 1 million Fairtrade working hours by 2030.

“Work here is so much more than just work, it’s one’s dignity.” – Lee Saville (Founder DECE, Romania)

But the impact of our bags goes further with the wearers of our bags, with you. More and more often we hear stories from people who have sometimes owned their MYoMY bag for more than 10 years. A MYoMY bag is often more than a bag for the wearer as well. It is a product full of memories that are incorporated into the leather with here and there a scratch and a stain. This often only makes a leather bag more beautiful and more loved. With the YOU GOT THIS! campaign, we invite you to appreciate yourself and your belongings even more: because everything you need is already there! Let’s give ourselves some extra love and take extra care of our stuff. Let’s repair or upcycle them if we can, and recycle if we really need to. Pssst: YOU GOT THIS!

Be inspired by the whole YOU GOT THIS! campaign video produced by the talented team of MUMSTER MOVEMENT:

Watch the campaign video via YouTube.

Every month we organize something around our anniversary year and the YOU GOT THIS! campaign. Keep an eye on our socials for all activities and promotions, such as Instagram via @myomy_official or sign up for our newsletter.

Would you like more information about caring for, repairing and recycling your MYoMY bag? Take a look at our care guide!
Curious about the event? Watch the after movie here.



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This year we are celebrating our 15th anniversary at MYoMY! And although we don't want to reveal too much about what we have in store for you this year, we would like to take you back in time. Check out the highlights of our journey over the past fifteen years below. A journey full of special collaborations, developments, sustainable designs and changemakers who work together for a better and fairer world.
This year MYoMY celebrates her 15th anniversary and during Fashion Revolution Week 2022 we would again like to introduce you to several beautiful people behind our brand. We asked 15 makers of your MYoMY bag what their dream is. Big or small, that doesn't matter.
When Taslima witnessed the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013, she decided she wanted to take action. This is how the idea for her own company was born: Leatherina, founded in 2016 and now a Fair Trade certified production company specialized in leather goods. Taslima now employs about 40 women and men who work under good conditions, for fair wages and with equal opportunities to learn and dream.